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Not getting order from last 4 months!!!


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Hello Forum people,
I did SEO all of my Gig, I stay online 15 hours+ and also I send 10 buyer requests daily.
But still I didn't get any order and any knock from any buyer!!!
Why this shits happens with me?😔
Badly I need work!
Give me some tips and tricks to rank my gig.
Tasnia Sarna
SEO Specialist.


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2 hours ago, tasnia_sarna said:

Just for getting Order.
Nothing else!

It appears this strategy is not working for you then. 

I looked at your profile and I had two thoughts.

1. As a buyer I would look at you profile and see that your last delivery was 4 months ago and think, Hmm this seller must not be that good at SEO if cannot get any sales on his gigs.

2. All of your gig images are too cluttered except for the SEO Audit gig. When buyers look for sellers there are 48 gig thumbnails on each search page. A buyer does not want to take the time to look closely at every gig thumbnail to see what is offered. They want the information to be apparent at a glance. Therefore, it would be best if your rework all of your gig thumbnails to contain just 4 or 5 words. Once you attract the seller they can get the rest of the information from your gig description. 


Good Luck! 🍀

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