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Can i put links on my gigs ?

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Fiverr doesn't allows sharing any kind of links or Payment information as it's against its T&C. But I'm a Web Developer and I would need things like Email , Phone Number, Paypal & Stripe information. 

The website would be incomplete without these informtion.

How would I proceed then ?


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An easy option is to have a document you send the customer that they fill out and send back to you. Information that is shared for the sake of order completion, which is to say the order could not be completed without it, as opposed to just making it more convenient,  isn't against the terms of service, and for my own safety I will often spell that out during order communication. I say something like "I need to collect this information for your website, but just for your information, it is against Fiverr's terms of service for me to use this information in any way except to build your website with it." That way if Fiverr goes over your order, they will see you and the customer are both above board. 


I have, at times, contacted customer service to check with them before doing something like that to make sure I am doing it correctly.

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The following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description:


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