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6 minutes ago, mwesigwanekemia said:

and how do i inbox them

You should not as the system would see and mark your messages as spam and probably give you a warning.
My two cents about those requests. They seem like a scam to me.

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You’re not allowed to send a direct message to a buyer who has posted a request unless they contact you first (and if they’re a buyer only it would be impossible to do anyway I think). You can send an offer to their request though. Yes It’s possible but not allowed by Fiverr rules. It doesn’t show the username on the web version - I don’t know if it does on the app. It might do. It’s possible to get the username on the web version though, at least of users who have a profile image (either from the image properties or the source) but the rules don’t allow messaging like I said so I assume they could get in trouble if Fiverr found out.

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