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ūüė䬆I got an order but.... can't get any buyers message now

If you got an order and you have enough informations to process. Then complete and submit the order.

You can message buyer through the created order. Or you can message by clicking on send message here

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Welcome to the Community. You can follow these steps:

Fiverr 3.0 gig rank mainly priority two bases

A. Seller Performance 

B. Buyer satisfaction 

A. Seller: 

1. Seller  inbox response  rate

2. Project delivery before deadline 12 hours notification. 

3. Less time revisions done

4. Time extended not increase

5. Less cancellation order. 

B. Buyer :

1. Fiverr 2.0 updates were reliable buyer review but Fiverr 3.0 updates doesn’t  depends on review

2. Doesn’t depend rating 

both A & B are mostly priority fiverr algorithm.  Besides other impact on gig rank :

1.  Gig first title set properly because its setup gig url 

2. Gig title url create  then edit its grammatical way.

3. Gig description  keyword SEO friendly no need fiverr 3.0 updated It's 

4. Gig image is best impression on buyer so gig image also impacts.

5. Fiverr order try to long time Que.

6. Gig description buyer friendly as like services questions and procedure. 

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2 minutes ago, maksud_billah said:

and 20+ hours active on fiverr 

This is sompletely false. Please don't give out false advice. It is not helpful ot others, and it shows that you don't know how fiverr works. 

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