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Any% permanent account termination speedrunning scene


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We all know that fiverr is a competitive professional freelancing platform. But you might be surprised to learn that fiverr also hosts an entirely different competitive scene. The SPEEDRUNNING scene. What sort of speedrunning, you might ask? Well, the permanent account termination sort. I have researched this vibrant community of speedrunners on the platform and I'm happy to share the findings with you, as well as HOT TIPS for you, who want to start speedrunning! It's your chance to ride the wave of this cool, hip new trend!


SPEEDRUNNING GOAL: having your fiverr account permanently terminated as fast as possible by any means possible.

SPEEDRUNNING STRATEGY: As you want the fastest time possible, even before making a fiverr account, read carefully through the fiverr TOS and mark down the rules that are the easiest to brake and would result in the most severe consequences, these will be the first tasks on your agenda. When you have a list of the rules you want to brake, proceed with creating a seller account. Once your account is created, remember that you are no longer Reshail, your new name is James Smith. Make sure to not fully complete your profile and leave empty spaces wherever possible, this lets other community members distinguish you as a speedrunner, and most importantly, saves you time. Any information that is mandatory to provide on your profile, should consist of as many grammatical errors as you can think of, this will repel the buyers and subsequently will let fiverr know that your profile does not bring any money to their business and is therefore easily disposable (this is what we want). Now that you have your profile all set up, it's GIG time. When creating a gig, follow the same principles as when creating your profile, you want to be consistent. The gig description and gig photos are crucial to your speedruning success. For gig description, you want to look up the most popular sellers in your niche and copy their description word for word, this will give you the best chances to clutch the speedrun (use ctrl+c and ctrl+v combination). For gig photos, you want to use the most popular images on google platform (preferably with Shutterstock, iStock Photo or Getty Images watermarks on them). Use your second mouse button and "Save Image As" option for best results. You can also search for videos on youtube, the thumbnails from extremely popular videos seem to work very well as gig photos for this speedrunning strategy. If you cannot find anything that suits you, just use any photo provided by your fellow fiverr sellers on their gigs. Now that you have a gig perfectly set up, repeat this process 6 more times. After you have all of your 7 gig slots used, you want to start sending out buyers requests. You want to make sure to target buyers from an entirely different service niche and use the ctrl+c and ctrl+v strategy for the offer description. And that's it! You're ready to compete in the permanent account termination speedrunning scene. 


  • For your gig photos only use photos downloaded from the internet. Make sure the author of the photo is well known, best if it's a big corporation, not an individual creator.
  • If you get an order, make sure that anything you deliver does not have any traces of original work on it, as it lowers your chances to beat the speedrun record.
  • Always ask potential buyers if they would kindly do a wire transfer for the gig instead of paying through fiverr (we have reports that this tip has been used to achieve world record time).


Good luck and may the luck be on your side!


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Pro Speedrunner tip: Speedrunning on your own isn't very competitive, and your competition will quickly get decimated by Fiverr support and T&S team, but there's the forum! Find yourself some new Speedrunner competition by replying to clueless newbies' threads with "Use auto-refresher to stay online", "Yes, you can have two accounts in two computers", and similar helpful advice, to get them on the speedrunning track ASAP.


17 minutes ago, lloydsolutions said:

Now look what you have done! Watch this space .... 

Brace yourselves. Winter The real “Thank You” posts are coming.

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12 minutes ago, melanielm said:

This would probably get me more sales, right?

No, sorry. It needs to be either an actress/actor/model/celebrity or if a normal woman, like in your drawing, big librarian style glasses. If you add glasses, it might work.

Why does this new forum not have spoiler tags ... oh, let me try ...


(The forum-wide known alternative to glasses for men would be dogs and/or beards, in case anyone didn't want to know.)


Nope ...

<spoiler>The forum-wide known alternative to glasses for men would be dogs and/or beards, in case anyone didn't want to know.</spoiler>

Hm .... Well, I tried.

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