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How do I request a refund or contact Customer Service?

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I purchased a series of recordings and the delivered product wasn’t what I had specified, twice. I’ve tried the ‘resolution centre’ tab, but it just says contact the seller as it’s been marked as delivered (despite me having rejected the original delivery, and the second delivery only being two days ago). It doesn’t give me an option to reject the second delivery.

I must say, my experience with Fiverr is not great. All the links to contact customer service go back to a series of pages that just provide useless information, no actual method of contacting someone.

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hello. I am also in need to contact customer service or resolution center. since I couldnt open the resolution center page after my gig order automatically stopped by Fiverr.

Is there a way i can contact fiverr customer service beside using twitter?

Thank you.

Open A ticket on support


BTW it’s 3year old thread, Feel free to open a new discussion when you need to discuss any issue 🙂

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