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How do you rank your gig?

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As for the gig's position, it varies all the time. A Gig’s position is based on seller performance over a set time period. There are many factors to take into consideration, some of which may include order cancellations, delivery rate, responsiveness, etc.
Rankings change and are not permanent. There may be other Gigs currently performing at a higher rate than yours. If other sellers are ranked higher, they may be consistently getting 5 stars, delivering on time, communicating quicker, etc. This all counts. We encourage our sellers to make use of social media to optimize their visibility on the Internet. The buttons on your Gig page should be used to reach out to your social media contacts. Since this is the case, Fiverr cannot guarantee for gig's position in search results.
We also suggest doing some market research to help improve your Gig’s conversion rate. This could help improve sales.
As an additional resource, we encourage you to participate in the Fiverr Forum. Our more seasoned sellers are happy to share their tips and tricks with everyone.
Try Fiverr “Learn” to expand your skills and to stand out in our marketplace. For more information, click here https://learn.fiverr.com/
Also, making a gig more attractive may help. To make your Gig more attractive for potential buyers, please check to make sure the service you offer is unique; and that the Gigs you offer are completely different from one another. For example, if you run a quick search on Fiverr.com, you should not see 1,000 Gigs just like yours.
Please also include a creative video with each of your Gigs. This will help attract potential buyers. Many people prefer to watch a video than to read a long Gig description. Eye-catching Gig images are another way to differentiate yourself.
You can also bring potential buyers to your Gigs by promoting them on your social media channels. Click on the social media buttons on the right-hand side of your Gig pages to share your Gigs on your social media.
Before you start selling on Fiverr, I recommend that you review our section on Promoting Services and our Online Safety Tips. Also, please check out our Help Center for detailed articles on how to sell on Fiverr.

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12 hours ago, raihan_46 said:

I just want to let all sellers know and tried to help them...

New sellers can read this in the Fiverr Help & Support link. This is something every new seller should do.

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