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Ongoing data entry work... Question about ordering & delivering.


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I currently have a potential client asking about ongoing data entry work. They are a V.I.D. buyer (member for years, lots of 5 star reviews), and so far communication has been professional so I'm not expecting any big issues with them and am interested in taking on the job.  But I'm totally at a loss!  The work required would only be around 10-15 minutes a day, 5 days a week and we've discussed a price per action (a straight copy-paste, about 15 seconds to complete).  The work would need to be completed through client's email and order system, which as far as I know, is fine on Fiverr, since it's part of the job (though do I need to contact C&S in advance so the conversation/order doesn't get flagged when the email address is given?)  But my main question is, how on earth do I charge & deliver this?  A day's work is under the minimum requirement of $5, so do I charge them a per week gig?  Per month?  But then, they'd be getting micro-deliveries daily sort of thing as a result of me doing the work in their software, though according to their profile, they're reliable when it comes to buying & selling.  Milestones wanted a minimum $50 per step-completion, and I've been offered the subscription trial but not sure how that works.  And if the work is all completed outside of Fiverr, then what actually gets delivered on Fiverr?  How do people do it who offer this sort of data entry work? 🤔 Still new to this, obviously! 😅 Thanks!

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