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How many GIGs do you have? what's the best choice?


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Another interesting topic, probably. Ok, I explain what I've done, since I'm with Fiverr since Apr 2018.

When I started, I focused myself on a single GIG. It was my best selling GIG, actually, the one about orchestral music and film music.

I can't say I didn't have the skills, because I was having an important resume even before that date. But I focused on one GIG. My advice is to focus initially on one only, and then while you improve and have more skills, start more GIGs.

Ok, consider the situation where you have more skills to showcase. In such case, yes, start new GIGs, each one specific for one of your skills.

In my case, as example, a GIG about medieval music, and a GIG about scifi music etc etc.

When to stop? when you understand you have too many GIGs and you can't deal with all of them. Maybe you don't have the time, or simply, you are not able to organize yourself and prefer less GIGs 😀👍

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