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Fiverr Pro: No results and can't change application


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I submitted my application to Fiverr Pro on Oct 11 2019. It says "0 of 0 tasks complete", and I can't add supporting documents. Since then, I didn't receive any update from Fiverr about my application.

My question: Can I apply again to Fiverr Pro? 


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16 hours ago, ligiacarvalho said:

This article may have some answers for your question. 👇🏻


I didn't receive a rejection email, and I can't edit my application.


16 hours ago, mariashtelle1 said:

You can also reach out to fiverr support first to ask when approx you will receive an answer about your application 

My application was submitted late 2019. I don't think I will receive the approval or rejection now.

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