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Order reject? while seller states sent? (how do I get my money back)


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currently I have an order for an advertisement mailed to 50 million contacts. Waited 4 days until now where the ordered item is classified as “rejected”. Very confusing since the seller confirmed that the ad was mailed. I cannot get any response from either the seller or Fiverr on this. If I cant get the seller to reply or do anything then I may be out 5 bucks due to lack of communication. Still waiting on Fiverr as well. What is going on with this site. Nearly impossible to get anyone to respond to a message unless a long time has passed. Should be stated as a feature of Fiverr…“very slow process…no one will reply to messages right away…must wait times can be 1 week or more” No kidding. How rude!

how do I get my money back now if Fiverr wont reply. Are they that busy that they cant check their email messages?

Sheriff’s Note: Moved to Fiverr FAQS.

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