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How hard it is to hire a content writer on Fiverr?

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I have been using WordPress for my website for a long time. Recently I wanted to make some changes but failed because it is really hard to work with visual page builder. Page builder has different way of building and editing pages. I hate page builder. On the other hand google seek simple pages with appropriate content. Client does not seek a fancy design with animation, they need to acquire exact information within short moment of time. Considering all this issues i have to decided to move from WordPress to Laravel. I have used simple bootstrap to design layout which is pretty simple. 




Now I wanted to hire an content writer who has basic knowledge and experience of SEO. First I tried to search people on Fiverr and knock through their inbox. Please has nothing to do with my requirement. They have a ready made template message. I can do it, lets start. Ok If I ask someone have you searched this keywords on google? They reply me that they will do this research after hiring. They have no time to do any research before hiring. 

I have hired someone, he has written a content that is fully a copy paste from different site. Never focusing any my requirement. Even they never seek any advice. They never sent me any message. Over night he delivered 4 articles. I said him you could discuss me before pressing the deliver button. Who cares, after getting frustrated I have checked the first content and made feedback. He replied me "I have not enough time because I am busy with other projects". So funny, Neither he will  do research before hiring, nor after hiring. So when? 

Then I posted my job description on buyer request section, surprisingly no has read my job requirement. Everyone posted copy pasted response. I filtered person hardly and hired a person again. He started and said he will deliver after 5 days. Delivery date was 12 July. He has not touched my assignment and did not replied. He came back at 14 July and begged sorry. I asked him to set a solid delivery time so that he can work with comfort. He set his delivery time 19 July. Then again he was out of network and could not find him again. When I was sending message around 21 July he was not responding my message. I see he is delivering other clients project except mine. 

I contacted with Fiverr customer support, they are willing to end the contract but I wanted him to deliver my project instead of canceling the project. Then the person came back and started begging sorry. I said no problem go ahead and complete now. Again he started his new drama after loosing three more day. Now his mom is sick and need surgery. I know he is lying, I asked Fiverr to verify that is he delivering other customer and not responding me. Huh, this is privacy issue Fiverr can not help me. 

I am very happy with this nice experience. I do not know what to do. I am a super cool person. I have lost 3 weeks ha ha ha. 


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