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Synergy with the customer


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Hello, this is a small advance, since I'll talk deeply about relationships between customers and sellers in my next webinar. Anyway, this advance:

The importance of synergy

What does mean... well, I consider when the customer is a trusted person, the same the seller, and they build together a friendly constructive relationship.

In such case, I can ask the customer to interact with my creative process, and become part of it with his thoughts and ideas. The customer becomes part of my creative process!

This synergy that is created leads to a successful project 100% of the times, because the customer feels the final product to be HIS product, his ideas are there. It's no more something you sell to the customer, it's something you and the customer created together.

This is the synergy, and result is fantastic. Of course for creative GIGs, not for technical ones. Your ideas?

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