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Buyer cancelled the order



Hi, I've done my first order in 27.06.21. Buyer was very happy with result (I'm a digital artist), they completed the order, left tips and 5 star review. Today 28.07.21 I got a message that my order was cancelled. I don't know what to do, I am still new to the Fiverr, and I don't know this process, but the most sad thing is that I can't text the buyer to talk about this situation, what I did wrong?


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Sorry man, I know that feeling. The most horrible thing is that Fiverr mostly prioritize Buyers' happiness of yours as a seller. I doubt if you would get the justice you deserve though. Some buyers are just very petty. 

But if not for fraudulent reasons, which I think was the case from the side of the buyer. I think he or she might also be a seller and had gotten the same fate from whoever she got the order from, and even though they thought your work was amazing and their client said otherwise, they just couldn't lose the money anyway. Anyways, sorry Brov.

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