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Fiverr Payoneer Issue



Recently I face a problem, I deactivate my last Fiverr account for any reason and those account I was added my Payoneer account. But when I deactivate the account, I forgot to remove the Payoneer account. Then I talk to Payoneer support, they suggest me to talk Fiverr support, but I couldn't talk support section on my old deactivated account(I try to contact support, but I couldn't enter support section, they told me to log in but as a deactivated account Fiverr didn't permit logging in.). So give me a suggestion how I remove funding source on old Fiverr account. If I'll add my new account to Payoneer there obviously shown 2 Fiverr account as a funding source, I think this will break Fiverr rules. So what can I do now?

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