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I want to improve my gig...

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Hello, Today I've created a new gig. https://www.fiverr.com/share/mDPkab

But the problem is, I did some mistake there when I create it. By mistake, I saved the gig on draft first and then I Published the gig, second mistake is, I added a low quality pdf file that's why the pdf show as a blurry image or broken image on gig overview.

Now, I want to improve all those mistakes. So what should have I do now?

Should I edit this gig? or Delete the Gig and published it again as a new gig?

Please help me a bit from your experience?

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If you think your gig tittle or description and all around things are OKAY then i don't think it will good to delete but if you want to change tittle or tag then you can delete this gig. But you did little mistakes so, i think you can edit Otherelse  if you want to delete then you can delete there will no issue on it because you create a new gig today, so no need to worry. Okay just cool and keep it up!

wISH you best of luck 🙂

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