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On Missing Funds


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I have read once about a post about missing funds. It lead me to looking into my own account and see if the same thing happens to me and it turns out yes… But the thing is, the money from extra orders do not really vanish… They are just divided into different incoming funds…

So far I a have recieved 4$ from this and will about to recieve 8$ more on may 18, making a total of 12$ out of 28$. Some thing must be causing this massive delay to this certain transaction. Some people in the other post think this that happens when a client orders an addon after the order has already been delivered. That might be helpful information eh?

I really hope these bugs get fixed and don’t be afraid, guys, Fiverr is good for it, it must be really hard running a big website like this… Everything will run smooth soon, thanks!

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