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The promoted gigs lowered my conversion rate


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Hello, I have used the promoted gig for a few months, it works, I made a few sales, but as I suddenly have a lot more contact from curious people who ultimately do not buy my gig, it lowers my conversion rate and I have the impression that my "natural" gigs (without the promo) are bought less. That's why I stop the promoted Gigs to see. What do you think?
(Below is a free image of my computer, for those who will reply "thanks for the tip" 😁
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13 hours ago, teramangala said:

I have the impression that my "natural" gigs (without the promo) are bought less.

I'd read that often enough that it seemed a good idea to maybe not try the promo, however, I've also read posts by sellers who've had great results with the promo, so, trying out what works for you is probably best. 

Regarding conversion rate, mine is usually something like 0.03-0.05%, so, pretty abysmal, as I get sooooo much spam of all kinds, mostly from sellers (maybe the correct term is 'people who want, or demand to be given a job, even though it's crystal clear that they'd not be able to do that job', though, the term "sellers" doesn't really apply to many of them). The only times I saw a conversion rate of above 1% this year, was when I was in out of office mode real long, thus getting only messages and orders from regular and irregular former buyers. 

So, from my experience, low conversion rate is probably not too bad; after all, it's not one of Fiverr's levelling metrics either, maybe because they are aware of how much spam there is, they certainly have stats on how often sellers press the Spam or Report button, how many users they warn, or ban, for spam, how many of a seller's messages are spam messages, and such.

This is by no means a fact, just a guess/theory!, but I think it would make sense that Fiverr, respectively the algorithm, takes into consideration if a "no conversion message" is, or belongs to, a clear spam message/conversation thread (in the case when spammers send several messages), or to a message that actually was a conversion opportunity, or at least looked like a conversion opportunity to the algorithm, and weight that differently. Would make sense at least.


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