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196 orders completed. I'm near to $25000. Organizing party :-)

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13 hours ago, visualstudios said:

Pro tip - don't make public celebrations of private accomplishments. Nobody cares, you're not that impressive (this applies to everyone, me included, not singling you out). You'll just cultivate jealousies and draw attention to yourself

wonderful tip, thanks for the wisdom 👍 yes I decided to keep a low profile. Honestly, I was sharing with you, my friends, only the forum "my freelancers family".

anyway the town thing was to say just a party with real friends, not virtual. Nothing "major"... but anyway I'm on low profile. We are all "small fishes", but I love to be these fishes 😄 I love my work, as any of you probably. It's the cool thing of being freelancers..


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thanks for your replies 🙂 seems I'm over the initial number of orders of this topic. But I still can't celebrate. Can't find the time to invent a party... do you have specific ideas of what I could do?

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On 7/26/2021 at 2:24 PM, manuelmarino said:

I'm at 196 orders completed. I'm near to $25000. 

Yes, I'm organizing a party when I'll reach 200 orders 😀

So, what do you suggest me, an event in my town? a virtual event with zoom or similar? or just friends and beer all night?



Well Done ! Congo

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