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196 orders completed. I'm near to $25000. Organizing party :-)

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The fourth choice: invite me (just kidding😃)

If I were you I would organize a little party with my family and close friends.
Record a short video of this party that I will share on my social media accounts (Promotion of my skills).

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thank you, all of you friends 😊

yes probably a party with family and friends at home. They know how much I dedicated myself to Fiverr and how much I consider it important.

Next year will be very important for freelancers. I think 2022 will be a huge year for freelancers and all of us. Many new opportunities, freelancing is expanding. The jobs are raising exponentially. The more work you have, the more work all of us will have because there will be word of mouth about the goodness of freelancing, freelancers, this work system and our professionality. We'll be successful 😀 

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