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How To Perfectly Promote Fiverr Gigs In Twitter

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9 hours ago, newsmike said:

This isn't just wrong, it is absolutely, completely and uttery wrong. Please don't spread false information on the forum. 

Sorry i could not make it clear. I could not tell it. I just quote it another one post. I wanted to know how could it will done ?

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10 hours ago, brave_designer said:

Sorry i could not make it clear. I could not tell it. I just quote it another one post. I wanted to know how could it will done ?

They were promising a first page position just from spamming facebook and Twitter. Their advice was wrong. 

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Well, I see the sense in your strategy. It can get someone a few orders Avery now and then.

I only don't see it as a sustainable business strategy.

But all the same, thank you for sharing.

Ps: I use LinkedIn to promote my service. I don't share gig URL on there. I connect with people and provide value.

Then they will ask for my prices and I'll refer them to my gig.


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On 7/26/2021 at 12:22 AM, n_image_editing said:

Twitter is another powerful tool where you can share your gigs.

First of all, you can create your twitter id. Increaser your followers. But it takes time. In a shortcut way, you can use trending hashtags. How you use trending hashtags to improve your gigs impressions? Simple just post your link in the tweet and also use whatever the hashtags are in trending.

  • Must add an image in your tweet. No matters it your gig image or any other image.
  • For the sake of click you can use the image with an inspirational quote in your post due to this you can get more attention from the people. That’s how you can increase the chance that people will click on your tweet link.
  • Don’t be repeat your tweet. The majority of people can tweet the same thing repeatedly. If you can do this, people will lose interest
  • Keep consistent and stay relevant to your services. I would suggest you, Maximum 7 to 8 tweets is enough on a daily basis.
  • You can post something new that is relevant to your gig
  • Use all the hashtags in your every tweet. Especially include all those tweets which are on trending.
  • Suppose if you use #WordpressExpert in your tweet and someone is looking WordPress expert Your tweet will display in his result he can go through your tweet. May be h can click on it.
  • Manageflitter Its best web-based application. This application helps you to gain your insights. you can get effective results on twitter by using this application.
  • Post your gig link in tweets reply.
  • Post your reviews if you have any in Fiverr.

The most important thing is your consistency. If you constantly post your gigs link in twitter and all other social and open forum sites. Definitely, you will get a nice position on the first page. Consistency Matter.

Yes, you are right. Formerly my gig was ranked at the front page of just a tag but after like 2 weeks constant replies with my fiverr gig on tweets, it got ranked in  other search tags thereby making me get contacts and orders.


This is really working.

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Try to connect with USA and Europe countries people , and  use trending hashtag .It will help you make a good position in tweeter. And get some clients from Social media. 

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> First you follow the people who can give you the order.

Example: You can follow united state organization people,Director,Small company Owner Co-Owner etc 

You can follow daily 20/25 people

> You can do Daily 3 post

> you can join your working related group and and you can post daily /comment the post

You can try it.


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