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How do I get an order?


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4 minutes ago, azizhossain9147 said:

welcome to fiverr forum. best wishes to you

1. Active more time on fiverr

2. Create a eye-catchy and good quality gig

3. Share your gig on social media

4. Send 10 buyer request everyday

5. Keep patience


I don't know why people give this type of wrong advice on new seller.

your 1,2,5 point absolutely right but 3,4 have some problem. Social media people not potential customers because most of case they are our friends and family and most of new seller send randomly buyer request and that's a big problem. we should send  buyer request, which I can do perfectly.

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OMG, these threads.

Welcome.  Tips, ok.  How much have you read? Have you searched forum for any of the hundreds of "Tips" threads?  Have you read TOS?


On 7/13/2021 at 2:33 AM, geethma7 said:

Make sure you always online.

By the way, the "tip" I pasted above is false information. Get sleep instead. 

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20 hours ago, ashadul_haque_ said:

I am a new seller in fiverr how can I get a order in fiverrr first.

Give me some suggestions 

Well, let me ask you this: If you have a great product/service that you think other people need, and you've researched, and understand the people who need that product/service, what would you do? How would you take that great product/service, and connect it to the people who need that product/service? 

I'll give you a hint about the answer.... Every business on the planet does the same thing you should be doing. Do you promote your service? Do you present the service in an eye-catching way, that captures the attention of those people? Do you work to understand at what price-point those people are willing to pay? Do you study the services of your competition, and work to present a better, more appealing product?

Why would the steps any business in the world takes, be any different than you, as a seller, here on Fiverr, would take?

Being a freelancer, is the same thing as being a business owner. If you want to be successful, think like a business owner.

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Getting your first order might take long so don't lose hope. You have to be patient. Always check the buyer request section, where buyer will post job offers related to the gigs you are selling. Try to offer the buyers with your best offers and portfolios and hope for the best. All the best!

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Review and order completion rates play the most important role in getting more and more orders on Fiverr. That is why you have to provide quality services. Regular buyer requests should be sent and job samples and pet-folios should be submitted. In the first case, good service will be provided at low cost. Another important factor in getting an order on Fiber is communication skills. Communication skills whose alliance is in good order are the most. I have explained in detail about how to get more orders by sending a buyer request. Check it out at a little cost.

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I think you can't open your gig properly. make sure you have proper SEO title, image SEO, description, be careful don't copy descriptions from other people. write your own method And push keywords in your description. for the main keyword push 4 times and for the rest of the keywords push 3 times. also, the image will be eye-catchy, less text more visibility.  

Also you can send buyer request to get your first order, don't copy and paste same things, read buyer requirements and describe how can you do that with your portfolio or some of works. 

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10 hours ago, eclixo said:

 @graphics_cave  you're wrong, staying online will definately boost sales and ranking.

I never said "Don't stay online" I said "Don't stay always online"

Being online for all time will be harmful.. Sleeping & Eating more important than selling your gig. So don't recommend anyone to stay always online.

17 hours ago, graphics_cave said:

Staying always online doesn't help gig to be improved. 

Enthusiasts said that, Gig elements are the main things to improve gig. 

Note: Activity is also important. If you aren't active on fiverr you can't sell!

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Guest lloydsolutions
On 7/23/2021 at 12:00 AM, ashadul_haque_ said:

where to go to and get order quickly.

Read this: 

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