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App showing wrong time, Online green mark not showing while I'm online

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My Fiverr App has been having these three issues for the past 3 days. 

1. Wrong time on the app. Its 2:50 am now, but my app is showing 6:50 pm. 
2. My buyers that just message me now, whenever I check their last seen. It shows over 1 hour ago. And myself, whenever I check my online status on the app even when I'm online. It shows me that I was online some hours ago. Thereby making me not to get orders and buyers  won't message me, thinking that I'm offline. 
3. My online green mark won't show even when I'm online- this also has caused me not to have any order for the past 4 days. Buyers won't message me thinking I'm not online. I have no sale for almost a week now. 

All these issues are really too much for me, as s level 2 seller who is an active fiverr seller. I have not be able to sleep, as this is giving me lots of concern. 


I've cleared phone cache, done every necessary thing, but nothing. 

Please help me. What might be the cause

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Hi! my fiverr application does not display online status like yours. i have been facing this problem for about 5 days. but this problem is still unresolved. please help!

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