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i got 10$ tip

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That is great.

But here is another "Tip"

I have seen many sellers, while writing their REVIEW for the buyer, also mention about the tip.

They actually thank the buyer "Openly" for the tip.

This must be avoided in any condition because this would annoy the buyer and we may loose the chance of getting any tip on our next order and we may even loose the buyer. The tip is a gift (secret) and the buyer may feel bad when they know the seller is making public announcement (with their name) for the tip amount.

If you, in a restaurant, give a tip to a waiter, how would you feel if the waiter makes a poster mentioning the amount of the tip with your name and pastes the poster on the wall where every employee and even the customer can see that?

So, i request all the sellers to avoid mentioning about the Tip in any "OPEN REVIEW".

We must always thank the customer, for the tip, in a private and personalized message.

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