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i don't know where to post this ...

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Initiate cancellation if the seller is not responding at all, if he doesn't respond after 48 hours, the order will be automatically cancelled and your money will be given back to you. However, if you want the best advice, please do well to contact the Customer Support system. To cancel just click on the Resolution section.

5 minutes ago, babyneo846 said:

Hi have issues with an order i paid to get my oder in quick delivery ~24h but the seller don't delivered yet it's now 3 day late what i should do?


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Did you contact the seller to ask what's up?

That's what I'd try first.

If they don't reply, and from the point the Gig status becomes"Very Late", that's around 2 days after deadline, you should be able to cancel one-sidedly. Click the "Help&Support link in the footer, and you'll find articles about any such technicalities, and can also reach Fiverr's support (via drop-down ticket system) if needed.

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