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if any one have Idea in Image SEO ???

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There's no specific image ideas for your thumbnail to enhance your image SEO, but I will start from the simplest that shouldn't really stress you much. 

It's much easier of you are using a Windows system. So after designing an attractive thumbnail (image for your gig) right click on it and go down to properties. Please make sure your image is in JPG, then go to details and edit what you see there, title, tags, and comments to suit the details on your gig and then complete the stars 🌟 to five rating, add your name, click on apply and finally click ok, then you are good to go!

I hope this helps you.

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Images are one of the most crucial factors that will determine whether or not buyers will want to click on your Gig and order your service.

Please be aware that not following these guidelines can not only push buyers away from your business but also prevent you from being manually promoted by Fiverr across the site.


Don’t use pixelated images. Pixelated images are often low-quality, and potential buyers may believe this means you offer a low-quality Gig. Use high-res images for the best results.

Don’t use stock images:

Don’t use stock images or other people’s work if you don’t have usage rights. Not only could you be prosecuted, but it’s just uncool.


Don’t put Fiverr badges or rewards on your profile or Gig image.


Don’t use too much text on an image. Keep the space clean so your primary message will pop. If you must use a lot of text, just make sure it’s legible.


If you own more than a single Gig, be sure to choose a different image for each one. This will ensure buyers can find what they need.


If you chose to use your personal photo make sure it’s truly representative. Show your real face, preferably from a front-facing angle to communicate trust.


Make sure your Gig image is related to the service you are offering. Irrelevant images not only compromise your Gig’s credibility but also lower its chances of getting promoted in editorial features.

I hope the above information helps you to achieve the best.

Kind Regards,


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1) Research is the Clue. ...
2) Think Out of the Box. ...
3) Importance of having a Healthy Profile. ...
4) Make a proper Keyword Research. ...
5) Use Keyword-enriched Title. ...
6) Add an optimized Gig Video. ...
7) Use High-Quality Images. ...
😎 Deliver on the Same Day.

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