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I am new seller, can I get orders.


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Stay active in the Fiverr as much as possible. Also, you can create 7 Gigs. The description should be written in 1100-1200 letters and focus keywords. Repeat the same keyword 3 times in the description. In addition to being online all the time, you can market your Gig on social media. If Gigi's image is not good, you can change it. Also, try changing the title. Of course regular send buyer requests.

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Welcome to Fiverr!!

  • Create attractive and informative gig Send all 10 quality proposals on daily basis
  • When you get a buyer message, try to reply as soon as possible
  • When you manage to get any order, try to satisfy buyers with your works quality
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@pawannimsara Your topic title...


Everyone ( Experienced sellers) was new when they getting started. After completed much more works they have become Experienced and dependable sellers.

On 7/25/2021 at 4:46 PM, pawannimsara said:

Who can solve my problem.

Whom do you want for solving your problem? Are you not a professional??

If you not be professional then you should not come any marketplace. Because people are looking for professionals worldwide for their work done as great!

You must solve your problem by yourself.


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On 7/25/2021 at 11:46 AM, pawannimsara said:

I am a new seller called Pawan, I m a web developer. I always do right to buyers but doesn't Have any orders, why

Who can solve my problem?

Hi Pawan,

Let start with "don't be patient" I've seen a lot of people on this trend give you false hope like "stay online 24/7, keep bidding for jobs" and so on but it's more than that.

However, as a freelancer, there come a time when it seems as though everything isn't working right but you should just keep up with what you've been doing, find what the problem is. And from a third-tier country, you will need to do more to prove yourself, even when you know you are the best. So I wouldn't want to follow the normal words you've heard for a while now and advise you on something I think could be the problem.

First, with your level of communication, it could be an issue with someone who wouldn't want to strain their brain to understand, especially as a new seller with no portfolio to do the speaking, so if you do have portfolios add them to your bid. Also, make sure your description is SEO friendly and check for grammatical errors mostly even in your bid. Take time to revise your description. Optimized videos and thumbnails as well and send as many clean, comprehensible and relevant, buyer request bids as possible. Add the buyer's keywords to your offer and make sure they are as short and easy to read as possible.

Good luck!


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