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I am new seller, can I get orders.


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Do off page and on page seo properly.
Find out low competition keywords. 
Try to input keyword on image and descriptons and title.
Use attractive images.
Use a high-quality Pdf file in your gig. 
After publish the gig, promote your gig on social media using hashtags.
Try to active 24/7.
Send buyer request regularly using this gig.
Try to get some orders on your new gig as soon as possible.
Hope my little advice will help you to rank your gig quickly.

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Here is a list what you can do : 1. You can do social media marketing. 2. Blog commenting. Try to reach out the related blog you work and help them and at the end you can put your gig link. 3. join your work related groups on Social medias. Reach the posts, help peoples and put your gig link only after help them. 4. use fiverr anywhere code to your portfolio website.

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