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No orders Since Level one badge.

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2 minutes ago, sonyteam said:

if all of the old buyer give him better hidden review, his gig is going well rank and got more order

More orders are never guaranteed.

And the OP is talking about not getting orders for 25 days, it's not like they can go back in time to offer an even better service to their old buyers.

They're asking what they can do now, while not getting orders.

2 minutes ago, stormborn9862 said:

I hope i get new orders soon ❤️

Good luck!

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5 hours ago, stormborn9862 said:

The moment i became a level one seller, i have stopped getting any orders. Before that i used to get orders as a new seller. Any tips to improve? This is bugging me alot because for the past 25 days, I'm sitting just like that :((

This has happened to me too. The latter is just fine. Keep working with the old buyer. It will be fine one day.

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5 hours ago, sonyteam said:

be patient and use your leisure time to learn to be be skilled more and care your old buyer, that's helpful for your better future. If you give time regular here, i believe that you can do better here

Good advise

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