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After doing On Page SEO, my fiverr gig's impression is dropping by red color!



I'm new to fiverr and continuously trying to improve my gig. I deleted the 1st one and created a new. All the things were looking good and I was getting around 20 impression per day. I got my first order within 7 days through buyer request after publishing gig.

Then I noticed, there are so many scope for improving my gig's seo. I edited my gig description (optimized with keywords) ,updated "TAGS",gig image and video. The next day, i was very shocked to see my gig's impression was dropping by red color! I know, after updating meta info (tags,description etc), fiverr gig takes 2-3 days to be ranked again. But I have waited 4 days and still this problem running in my gig. 

Today I have also got a new order from my previous buyer and I am very frustrated thinking that Since my gig is having problem, this order won't affect/improve my gig.


I'm looking forward to your valuable suggestions! 

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Mostly, I advise people to give their updates up to a week before panicking. Your profile needs to get acquainted with the update, just like when you give your dog a new name. If you did a good research before implementing the tags and other updates, you don't need to worry.

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