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Promoting Yourself so that Others Will Promote You (Personality)

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Hello Fiverr Sellers. Contay The Hero here again to touch on the subject of satisfying your buyers and the promotional power that comes from it. If you are one of the many sellers on Fiverr who offer highly customizable gigs then this information could be vital to you. When a buyer contacts you they are SUPER EXCITED. Your particular talent/gig has set them in buy now mode. It’s crucial to establish a personal/business relationship with your client at this point. Offer them a little more than a service offer them charm and personality. This may sound simple and some sellers might already practice the method of selling self more than selling what said self does. When a consumer likes you as a person they become willing to “Invest” in what you offer. That’s when having your extras ready comes in handy. With a little finesse and confidence you can easily turn a $5 gig into a $25 gig. For instance I do incredible jingles on Fiverr for companies, youtube channels, loved ones, and teams. Each time a buyer contacts me I immediately establish a connection feeding off of the passion and energy they display for the gig I offer. I keep them involved each step of the way and that positive communication sweetens the deliverance of the jingles I offer. Meaning they appreciate it so much more that they are willing to tip and or promote my gig to colleagues and friends. Fiverr has an amazing community and gives the little man an opportunity to expand. Make sure you are promoting yourself so they may leave with a little more than what you offered in your gig. Alright Fiverr Sellers happy selling.

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