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Fantastic, one of my gigs is recommended now and also EXPRESS!

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Hey everyone,

I’ve just finished an order of one of my gigs and it became EXPRESS, which is great. I have no idea, what this means since I don’t see any marks on the gig, but I like it. Then I went to check how it ranks for “website review” and booommm, it was in the recommended section. Well, yes it is visible after hitting “LOAD MORE”, but it was there. What’'s more, when I search for “review your website”, by gig appears on 10th position in the recommended section.

This makes me happy and motivates me even more to deliver great services. This is the gig I’m talking about -> http://www.fiverr.com/wadsolutions/review-your-website-and-make-a-list-of-issues.

Then I finished another gig and it was also marked as EXPRESS. So how does the buyer see that my gigs are express? I don’t see any notes on the gig’s pages?

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