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What was the worst sellers situation?

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10 hours ago, elizaveta5 said:

I am new to fiverr and would like to know about your conflict with the seller

I AM a seller. Therefore, to my knowledge, I have no notable conflicts with other sellers.

Your questions seems to be quite odd. Why do you ask this particular query?

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13 minutes ago, mahmud_nabi said:

It is seller goals to satisfy buyers at all times..

I can think of several situations where I would NOT want to satisfy a buyer (and I'm not thinking anything 'dirty' per say.)

What if the buyer wants free work? Or wants something that's against the TOS/illegal? Should we keep our business smile on and keep nodding so we get that É5 they are willing to throw at us? 

(as for me, I've worked with a couple sellers who just weren't as good at what they did as they said. Didn't have any conflict with them though, I was just unhappy with the results and that's it.)

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I don't care about the buyers, I care about my business, if a buyer is trying to ruin my business, I'll never be nice to him, if a buyer is good and helpful, I'll treat him like a brother, that's how I do my business

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