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Only For Experienced Sellers :- Selling Gigs in Non - Category



Hi there, fellow sellers of fiverr, hope you are doing well & great. I was casually browsing through different categories & gigs & what I found was most new sellers or maybe some old ones too, but mostly new are selling their gigs in non - category .

Let's say - someone with Illustration gig selling them in flyer design or writing categories or someone with brand names, slogans or logos selling them in art & crafts category.

But doing so will drastically change the gig package options, so how are these sellers really doing so & most of them have got orders queued.

Is over - saturation forces them to do so ?

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I'm not sure anyone on the forums can answer your question with any degree of certainty. If I had to guess, though, maybe the written description is good enough that they don't need to worry about gig package options? Or they built the gig in the wrong category? Or they had a gig for the right category, but are trying to change the services they offer without loosing any reviews they already have attached to the gig (in which case the URL will state a different service than the gig). Or maybe the orders in the queue are fake.

Or a variety/combination of all of the above. The only way to know for sure is to ask those users, specifically, and doing that might get you flagged for spam. This one might just have to remain a mystery.

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