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I posted yesterday about my first 4 weeks on Fiverr from the perspective of a seller and being 1) completely new to fiverr and 2) being very new to the service I was selling. 

The main takeaways I have were probably this (again, from a seller perspective) :

- Don't expect to make money straight away. You're going to have to charge low rates to try to maximise your orders and improve your ratings
- Research the services you want to sell and see what type of profiles are successful. 
- Don't rush your gig listing. Give it some research and thought. You can always update it and tweak and change it, but don't make things harder by starting with a bad gig listing. 
- Be honest about what you sell and the quality of your work. Don't try to make things look better than you can achieve because it will only lead to bad reviews. Use the early points in your selling history to be honest, learn and improve whilst also offering a service that's of value to those that need what you offer. 
-Make the most of using multiple gigs to find out what works for you. I have multiple gigs, some very similar, but it seems that some gigs are just more popular than others even if the services are ultimately the same. 
- Make your gigs personal. People want to see who they are buying from. Make yourself look like someone trustworthy (I'm sure you are).
- TALK to your buyers. Communication is key. Don't be afraid for them to clarify something. At the end of the day they want something very specific, but if they aren't clear enough in their instructions, it shouldn't be your problem. Just ask for more clarification. Give them an idea of when they should expect delivery by and work towards that. If things aren't going according to plan, let them know beforehand and tell them it might be slightly delayed. 

There is a link to the full post here if it helps : 


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