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I will correct grammar and spelling mistake

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I have some advice that you might want to consider taking.... You offer to work as a proofreader who corrects grammar and spelling mistakes, yet, your Fiverr profile is full of grammar and spelling mistakes. I can only assume that English is not your native language. The way you present your services, does not prove that you have the experience and knowledge of the English language necessary to be a grammar and spelling mistake proofreader. 

I strongly encourage you to take a few more advanced lessons in the English language before you try to find success as an English language proofreader.

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Like @jonbaas, I also have some advice. 

I was interested to see your proofreading gig as I am a proofreader too. Besides the the errors Jon found I noticed something else.  

You only offer to correct grammar and spelling. What about things like syntax, hyphenation, capitalization, punctuation, sentence flow, word choice and sentence fluency? All English writing needs to be corrected for those attributes. 

The next thing I noticed is your prices. $10 for 100 words is exorbitant! I am a Top Rated Seller and I do not charge anywhere near that much. Until the new year I charged $10 for 1000 words and I had been here 3.5 years by then.  When I first began I charged $5 for 1000 words.

I feel you do need to do as John suggests and improve your English skills and also change you gig prices to something more realistic.

I also peeked at your translation gig. Do you realize you charge more that many sellers who do translations and are Top Rated Sellers?  

Good luck.  

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@jonbaas and @vickiespencer have pretty much covered it. Your profile description could also use some consideration. For example, "So don't waste your time contacting me late. Order me now so I will start your research quickly." While I know what you mean here, it isn't very good for the service you are offering. If I'm going to pay someone to proofread my material in English, I want to know they have a good understanding of English. Being understood alone isn't good enough for a proofreader, editor, etc. 

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