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I suggest you to remove this line 👇 as it is the best way to attract scammers. Also, keep in mind that abusing the cancellation option is against TOS and can put your account at risk.


You will refund if you are not satisfied


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32 minutes ago, photoeditforme1 said:

Click on my favourite and Contact me in fiverr:

Clicking the 218388856_ScreenShot2021-07-21at9_29_08PM.png.db72b76f83bb4212e23e8eb362ab1927.png favorite button on your gig will do nothing to improve your sales on the Fiverr platform. 


35 minutes ago, photoeditforme1 said:

Contact me in fiverr:

It is against TOS for anyone to contact you through your profile who does not intend to order from you. Therefore, why would anyone contact you on the Fiverr platform. If you want to chat, the Fiverr Forum is for talking to other sellers. 

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As far as improving your gigs I have a comment about your data entry gig. The gig thumbnail colors are too bright. They hurt my eyes to look at them. I think a buyer would skimmer your gig on the search pages because of its brightness. Sure the colors may attract a buyer's eyes at first but then they will look away because of the brightness.  

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