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Different amounts/conversions of earnings- USD to GBP



HI All, 


I am sorry if this has been asked already but I wasn't able to find it. My Fiverr amounts are all in USD, however, when I try to withdraw my earnings, the amount displayed on the confirmation page (now in GBP as withdrawing into a UK bank account/Paypal) differs from the number displayed (in GBP) on the top right corner of my page. I would not even notice it normally but the difference is almost 10% compared to the amount I'm trying to withdraw and I don't know if this is because they are using different conversions or whether I'm missing something. Has anyone noticed something similar or knows the explanation?


Thank you in advance! 

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Source: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010530058-Getting-Paid

Can I withdraw funds in my local currency?

For your convenience, you can withdraw your revenue in the following currencies: USD ($), Euro (€), British Pound (£), Australian Dollar (A$), Canadian Dollar (C$), and Israeli Shekel (₪).
  • Currency conversion fees apply. Please note additional charges may be added by your bank or payment provider.
  • If you are withdrawing in a currency other than US$, you will be asked to confirm the withdrawal currency and the amount, which will include conversion fees and will, therefore, appear reduced as it will be the exact amount that will be sent to your withdrawal account in non-US$ after conversion fees are applied.  If you don't wish to withdraw in your local currency, you can update the settings through the link available in the confirmation window.


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