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Snippet of buyer request in Inbox when buyer responds to offer made

Guest logosupreme

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Guest logosupreme


I regularly submit Fiverr buyer requests. And they are gold mine, if we manage to attend them in-time.

My concern is that, when a buyer responds to the offer made by us(seller) in Inbox, we should also get a snippet of the offer we made so that we can easily refer to it and respond to buyer quickly instead of having to go back to the list of Offers that we made and then match the buyer name and read the offer we made. It's of course easy but it takes a bit of time to respond to buyer as buyer has reached our to us considering that as we have already sent the offer to them we know they want and hence they don't mention about the offer but ask some random question like "how long will it take"? or something like that.

So, when a buyer a reaches out to us from our buyer request, if we get a snippet of the offer made, it would help a ton, especially when we are checking and replying the message from Mobile.

I would be happy to know what other sellers think about this feature?

Also, if we can get response from the Fiverr staff, it would very much help.

Thank you.

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