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Seller has cheated what to do?


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Guys I need your help. I hired a photographer on here and showed him examples of how I need my product lifestyle pictures to be like and he confirmed he can do them with proper preps and shooting. Then he sends me primitive  photoshop edited photos and not taking a single shot. I already paid him down payment.

your advise please 

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Guest ligiacarvalho

If the order was not fulfilled as agreed upon, you can request a cancellation with the seller.

If the seller refuses, you can contact CS.

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But I think before you ask for cancellation, you can try to ask for a revision and tell seller that you don't want that kind of edited photos.

Sometimes seller are misunderstanding at the first time and can deliver exactly what you need after second or third chance if you are willing to give him another  opportunity to try.

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6 hours ago, baselbinjabr said:

I already paid him down payment.

Is this a Gig that has "milestones"? Otherwise, I am not sure how you made a "down payment" to the seller.

Usually, one orders a Gig and that money is taken from your payment method and held in escrow until the work is done, delivered and the order marked complete. So, the entire amount is taken, not a %.

Did you conduct the transaction on Fiverr itself?

If you did, and you do not like the quality of the work, you can ask for a revision - there should be a link on the order page you can click - or you can cancel. Most would advise you at least try to get what you paid for done right - but, you know, some times sellers pretend they can do things they clearly cannot. This may be the case with your seller.

Whatever you do, do NOT mark the order COMPLETE or accept the order - some sellers here will be sneaky in that they will tell you they will "fix" things if you mark the order complete first - do NOT do this!

Either way, if you do not want to deal with this person, as they are not up to your standards, you always have the Cancellation button at your fingertips - or should anyways. If not, contact Customer Service and explain your dismay at the delivered goods and ask them to please cancel the order for you.



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