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Can a Fiverr seller be at the time as objective as possible Fiverr Forum moderator?


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I had written a small paragraph. I decided to delete it because this is so ridiculous, I don't have to waste words describing it or justifying anything.

Instead, here's a couple of rhetorical questions.
Can you be a Fiverr seller and at the same time be as objective as possible moderator on Fiverr Forum where few or many of the members are your buyers, your "Fiverr friends" or even your competitors?

Are you going to "punish" them equally or keep an objective and professional eye without careful consideration of consequences in your future as a seller or your friendship?

This is entirely ridiculous.

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Hey there @corsogr

All of the volunteer moderators have stopped moderating ever since I made my post about it.

We still carry the badge and technically still have the permissions needed to intervene if necessary, but all the moderation now is on the 3 hired mods.

If your observation is about an incident that happened before the “blip”, and you have concerns that one of the seller mods has shown bias, please let me know and we can discuss it.

But for the past weeks, I can guarantee you -plus share mod log if needed as proof- that the sellers who carry the badge have done absolutely no moderating.


That being said, I thought you were a forum expert. Which tells me that you should know that moderators are just glorified referees.

Referees can’t play favorites.

We are still human beings, we like and dislike people, views and subjects.

But when moving topics, hiding comments or resolving flags, none of us ever demonstrated bias.

At least to the best of my knowledge.



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