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Hey folks!

I've been on Fiverr for coming up on a year now and have completed over a hundred orders, many of which had five star reviews. I'm interested in getting some feedback from other Fiverr users on my gig... is there anything you think I could do better? Anything you didn't like? Anything missing? Feel free to be brutal, I love feedback! Cheers!

My gig is here:




PS - sorry for the silly title, in case you wondered it was a play on a line from the movie Titanic.

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Your video is going to kill conversions on your gig. No one is going to read the text on the video. It is too long and the content in the video is too generic. Hire someone to do a video for you.

Dont start your gig description telling people who you are and what you do. They are looking for solutions and you need to tell them how you can help them.  They don’t want to read your CV.

 buyers don’t care if you have the alphabet soup after your name or who you have worked for.  All they want to know is you have the experience and if you can produce results & what they can expect.

I would rewrite your description and let them know you have xyz years doing cro and this is what it can do for them.

instead of using this

"Do you need help optimizing the conversion rate for your online store?"

use something like this

"optimize your online store for more customers, conversions and sales"

Don't ask people if they need help.  tell them they need help and why. you want them to order your gig ,not sit their scratching their heads wondering if they need it & not ordering.

A lot of people are not even going to know what CRO is as well, even if they need it so you need to tell them what they can expect from your gig. This will be the easiest way to explain this instead of trying to write war and peace

Cro will help with  x,y,z and use bullet points and the full description available to describe this. people will order your gig who didnt even know they needed it before.

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Thanks @markp thats some great tips right there... I agree the video isn't great however, I didn't have any video at all before this and my orders have actually gone up since I added it (I know, correlation doesn't equal causation but views went up as well so adding the video may have just impacted the algorithm or something.). I put it together in iMovie in like an hour using free stock footage 😄

Really appreciate the tips, I just wish I had a way to a/b test the changes 😄 

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