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35 minutes ago, shop_builder24 said:

How i can a new order my gig?

You can earn new orders by developing services that appeal to your target customers. 

Fiverr is not an easy get-rich-quick website. You are going to have to think like a businessman/woman, and have the ambition and principle of an independent entrepreneur. Learning how to understand your target customers, and determining how to solve their project needs is a skill every successful Fiverr seller needs to have. And, alas, these are only things that YOU can build and define.

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46 minutes ago, charioterdreams said:

As a new seller you try to stay online most of the time

Please stop telling people to do this. Staying online does NOT guarantee more orders.

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12 hours ago, shop_builder24 said:

I am new on fiver-r. How i can a new order my gig?

Please help me ..:)

It is very difficult to get the first job in Fiverr. But getting the first order is like a golden deer for a new seller. But don't worry, Fiverr is always sincere with us. Try to convey the importance of your efficient service to the customer. And always stay with Fiverr. Thanks

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