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My Gig is Down

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Fiverr CS will tell you it's "gig rotation" that is, they move gigs around to give everyone a fair chance.

It's more likely that a customer left a negative "secret review" after you completed their order and that has had an impact on your rank. It'll fix itself, but it takes time. My traffic normally comes in waves of around 30-40 days. I'll suddenly vanish from the first page and orders will slow to next to nothing, then after around 30 days it'll start creeping back up to it's old position at which point I'll have a bumper couple of weeks and then it'll drop again. There's a great long post here that explains all the complex ranking conditions that are now impacting Fiverr.

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23 hours ago, monirthuin said:

My Gig always are stray in first page. Recently I got level 1 .But Now My Gig's All are down quickly and go to 2nd page. How can Come back my position.

can you please tell me your strategy to rank on the first page?

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