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Buyer left comments in my order revision but its not visible.

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I have an order which is still not completed due to some compulsions of Buyer. But he gave me revision which is containing so many comments and I got notification of that. He sent me the screenshot as well in my inbox but the comments not showing here in my order page. What is the issue? Did anybody else ever face this problem? 

Comment done.jpg

Comment Not showing.png

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You should always censor the names of other users when posting conversations, unless you have their permission to share their username and conversation on the forum. 

Regarding the comments, try a different browser or ask the buyer to write their comments in a regular message? How hard can it be?

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Hi there.

Agree with @smashradio

You should double check the error from your side first.

Check with other browser, refresh it.


and based on your screen shot, you have a poor customer services.

You can't leave comment just "?". It could offend your buyer.

It will upset your buyer. ( I think Your buyer already upset a little by saying "Now Sit Back .....")





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