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Any suggestion from you?

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23 hours ago, shahariar75 said:

Be active on fiverr for at least 20 hours a day any how. focus on gig S.E.O and edit your gigs if you are not getting orders for a long time.

What the heck are you even talking about?

Oh, wait, even YOU have no idea.

Got it.


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15 hours ago, catwriter said:

Do you even read what people write, or do you just type random responses?

No. Their "reading and comprehension" ability is dismal. Just look at all the replies they make in the forum that are only to gain points thinking that badges will get them orders.

I would never order from this person who is using a trademarked name as their name just from their performance in the forum. You can bet with all the spammy posts they put here, they likely wrote to the buyer a gazillion times asking, "Are you there? Dear, you order now? Sir, I am waiting for you to order"  LOL


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6 minutes ago, ratonw said:

1. Share social media in your gig 
2. Be active on Fiverr 
3. Keep improving your skills 
4. Send Attractive buyer request. 

Thanks for your good suggestion

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