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Order Page Conversation like Chat Page


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Hello. I know this problem is for everyone. Most of the time we chat with buyers on the order page regarding order requirements and updates.

The mobile order chat system is good like normal chat, we get messages instantly when both of us send messages. But on the desktop when buyers send a message, we need to refresh that page and scroll down to check the latest message. It's really hard to refresh again and again when we have lots of conversations on that page.

So here are my 2 suggestions, if fiverr can fix these 2 issues, it will be helpful for all sellers.

1. On the Desktop version, the Order Page Chatting system needs to be fixed like the Normal Chat system so that we don't need to refresh the page again.

2. If we get any notification from the order page, when we click that notification,  it will be better to automatically scroll down that message.

I hope all sellers will agree with me.


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