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@hvsainFollow these tips:

  1. Stay Online 12 Hours 
  2. Work in a daily routine like mine which I’ve attached
  3. Do Gig SEO
  4. Create a Great Profile on Fiverr. No grammar and spelling mistake
  5. Use no Extensions to stay Online. Stay Online by yourself
  6. Learn something new every day
  7. Buy some paid courses otherwise don’t come here
  8. Be a skilled person. Learn professionally and better than your competitors
  9. Also, buy a course about Fiverr
  10. If possible create accounts in 4 M***********
  11. Do Social Media Marketing every day on Twitter and Linked In but don’t do spam.
  12. Send 33 Cold E-mail Everyday
  13. Create Eye-catching Gig Images
  14. Rank Gigs
  15. Create 7 Gigs
  16. Learn from Professionals
  17. Stay Connected in Fiverr Forum
  18. Do Yoga 😆Everyday
  19. Be Honest 
  20. Be Patient
  21. Give buyer requests to job which requirements you can fulfill
  22. Never use Copy-Paste Template for Buyer Request


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