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How can I create a professional Gig.... And get my First order...


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I would recommend creating a separate business E-Mail and create a new Fiverr Account with that, and also create accounts using it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Be sure to link these to your Profile. Regularly post on these account on trends or topics like COVID prevention, tips for new sellers, etc.

Next, add a good portrait as profile picture. Make sure to have no grammar or spelling mistakes in your bio, etc. Use proper case, i.e My name is Fahad Hassan, an example of improper case would be: my nAME is fahad hassan. In addition, try to add as many skills you think you have to get a good impression.

Also, be online for the maximum time. Keep the Fiverr tab open in your browser in background and use an 'Auto Refresh' extension to keep refreshing the page, or do it yourself. Most importantly, always reply to messages quickly!

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