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Which one is best for get buyer order? Rearrange my old gig or create new gig?


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15 minutes ago, genuineguidance said:

I would hope you are not putting the Breaking Bad design out there as your own...

Good way to get your account banned here and sued by whomever owns the design.

Design your OWN stuff to showcase on your Gig.

Also, this post belongs in "Improve My Gig" not "Your Fiverr Experience".


Thank you, This is honestly help me a lot of to choose the right step. Obviously I will pic my my own custom design for gig.

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1 minute ago, marjuk_yeasin said:

Put your own work sample on your gig, doing proper optimization with keywords & all. Your gig will rank🙂

Thanks a lot. As a new comer a lot of things added in  learning process. I am glad to here it all from your's ans. 

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